About Us


We are located in the Southern Sierra Nevada mountains a few miles from Kernville, CA. I've been playing music and woodworking all my life. Mostly now I play resonator guitar and the ukes but I still play acoustic guitar on occasion. I played fiddle and mandolin in the past but an altercation with a saw caused me to switch over to mostly playing the resonator guitar. I am currently playing resonator guitar in a local band called Out of the Blue. We play roots music, a little bluegrass, old country and reworked rock and roll.

My wife Susie started playing ukes a few years ago and she got me started on making ukes but lately I have been making Cigar Box Instruments and Mandoleles as well. The Mandolele is a cross between the tenor uke and a mandolin but mine tend to favor the uke side of things.  I absolutely love making ukuleles and hope I can make a special one for you!



My friend Daniel Ward playing a

cedar top with rosewood back and sides

Filmed at U-Space, Los Angeles, CA

Mahogany Yellow Cedar

Koa Tenor Ukulele

Bocote Uke1



Koa Spurce Uke

Soprano Cherry Spruce Ukulele

Cherry Spruce Uke

Kernville Ukes